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  project name ~ 2012-AID India RTI Implementation - Delhi - SNS-Phase 5

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


2012-AID India RTI Implementation - Delhi - SNS-Phase 5



Center for Equity Studies(CES)



Right To Information (RTI)







  Budget Approved


Rs 500000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Aravind Aluri












Satark Nagrik Sangathan (SNS) is a citizensí group with a mandate to promote transparency and
accountability in government functioning and to encourage active participation of citizens in
governance. SNS is an independent non-governmental organization and is not affiliated to, or
supported by, any political party. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as Society
for Citizensí Vigilance Initiative.
SNSís key strategy has been to assist people exercise their right to information. Under the National
Right to Information Act, citizens can access information from all three arms of the governmentlegislature,
executive and judiciary. Our endeavour is to empower individuals to use the RTI Act to
participate effectively in policy formulation and utilization of public funds. SNS works closely with
people across different income groups. We work directly in about 15 slum settlements in South and
South-West Delhi.
We train citizens to use the RTI Act to obtain information on the performance of elected
representatives and on the functioning of the Government in areas such as ration, civic works,
education and social welfare schemes.





achievements As a result of the complaints and the public hearing organized by SNS, in February 2011, the Central Information Commission in two landmark decisions, ordered the Delhi Government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to install boards in every ward of Delhi displaying expenditure details of local area development funds of the MLA and Councillor of that area. As per the orders, project-wise details of the utilization of these funds in the current year and the previous year have to be provided on boards in Hindi. Prior to the Bihar Assembly elections in November 2010, SNS developed Report Cards on the performance of sitting Members of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. These were developed on the basis of information accessed under the Right to Information Act 2005. The Report Cards of MLAs focussed on 3 broad parameters in relation to their primary roles and responsibilities





Goals In the coming year (January 2012 to December 2012), SNS seeks support from AID to undertake the following activities: 1. Demanding political accountability and monitoring the functioning of elected representatives In 2012 SNS hopes to deepen this initiative by undertaking the following activities: i. Using the RTI Act to prepare and disseminate report cards on the performance of MCD Councillors in Delhi: ii. Demanding proactive disclosure of information related to the performance of elected representatives under Section 4 of the RTI Act iii. Using the RTI Act to prepare report cards on the performance of MLAs of Uttar Pradesh: 2. Training people to monitor the functioning of the government using the RTI Act 3. Lobbying for effective anti-corruption and grievance redress measures 4. Monitoring the functioning of the Public Distribution System and demanding a strong Food Security law



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