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  project name ~ Sinchan- Day Shelter for Children of Sex workers

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Sinchan- Day Shelter for Children of Sex workers






Education - Child



24 South Parganas



West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 400000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Bhavna Sengupta


College Park









“Sinchan” is a shelter for children of sex workers in 24 South Parganas, West Bengal. “Sinchan” is one of many projects of “Nishtha”, a totally community based grass roots level women’s organization started in the 70s that works for the empowerment and development of down trodden women living in the rural areas of West Bengal. “Sinchan” started out as a night shelter for the children of sex workers in 24 South Parganas five years ago in 2006. With the support of AID, it has been functioning as a day shelter as well for the past 2 years (2010-2011).





The children have been provided with numerous learning and recreational materials, which have had a significant impact on their interest in more positive activities and education. There has been a significant improvement in the attitude and behavior of the majority of the children, possibly as a result of their involvement in drawing, recitation, and singing. At the beginning of the project 100% of the children were not aware of proper hygiene habits. At present, nearly 80% of the older children are regularly following hygiene habits and encouraging the younger ones to follow suit. The majority of the children are very keen about attending school, and at present there are 11 children in the high school level which shows that the program is working. There is now a need to open a coaching center at the school so that the children can continue to compete with their peers in the government schools. The biggest achievement is that two girls in Sinchan are now studying in college successfully. This means that not only were they able to go far in their education, but as girls were kept out of the sex trade. This is a huge success for Nishtha and Sinchan.





To provide protection, relief and ensure essential rights of the (41) children who are a part of Sinchan. This includes ensuring their safety, security, foster care, nutritional support, health facilities, clothing, non-formal/formal teaching, recreation (story telling, arts and crafts, games, singing, dancing, etc.), and access to a proper education. Once this is achieved, it is necessary to ensure the retention of these children in school, and work on reducing the huge gap between these children and civilized society. Nishtha plans to mobilize the community in accepting these children and helping create a safer more tolerant environment for them in society at large.



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