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  project name ~ THI Kalrayan Hills Health Auxiliary Program

category ~ Health Care and Family Planning




  Project Name


THI Kalrayan Hills Health Auxiliary Program



Tribal Health Initiative



Health Care and Family Planning






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 3000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sripriya Natarajan
Preethi Jyothi











THI is committed to helping the villagers help themselves. The infant mortality rates were startlingly high when Dr.Regi and Dr. Lalitha (the founders) started THI in the Sittilingi Valley region in 1997. They began a programme of training a team of health auxiliaries (HAs) (members from the villages) with the aim of providing crucial ante-natal and neo-natal care to pregnant women. Following the success of this programme in the Sittilingi valley region, THI decided to start a similar initiative in the nearby Kalrayan Hills region that is still suffering from the problems that villages in Sittilingi Valley faced in 1997. The HAs are intermediaries between the hospital and the villagers. In places where the nearest medical help could be far away, the HAs provide first aid and crucial medical support and neo-natal care to pregnant women.
This project aims at ensuring that these HAs became a crucial nodal point in promoting collective health. Since this model has been successful previously in the Sittilingi Valley region, THI is convinced that this model will work in Kalrayan Hills too.





The current health auxiliaries programme has been tried and tested in the Sittilingi Valley region and it has been very successful. The infant mortality rate has drastically decreased in the Valley and there are almost no malnutrition cases. The tribal people in the region have better access and wider knowledge of health care.





Some of the goals include -- Decreasing the infant mortality rates in the Kalrayan Hills region Improve the access to health care and provide wider knowledge of health care via the health auxiliaries. THI has kept indicators for measuring the progress and impact on the community (this has been uploaded in the files section).



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