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  project name ~ Computer Education Programme

category ~ education - child




  Project Name


Computer Education Programme



STD (Samarthanam Trust For The Disabled)



education - child







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$ 1800


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Venkatesh volunteer











Knowledge of IT provides the visually impaired an opportunity to integrate into society. This is possible, due to the capability of access technology based on IT to provide voice and tactile output. Thus, IT is able to substitute the visual signals of traditional ways of doing things, into forms of output more convenient for the visually impaired. This is done through a range of hardware and software components like sound blaster cards, screen readers and scanners.

Such opportunities thrown up by IT for the visually impaired are in the following areas:
? Education & Information
? Career
? Personal life

Opportunities for Education & Access to Information
Many books today are available in CD or DVD formats. These soft copies of books can be easily accessed by the visually impaired through voice or Braille output. Devices like scanners help to convert the conventional reading material into forms accessible by the visually impaired. On top of this, access to the Internet provides a huge opportunity for the visually impaired to integrate into the world of exploding information.

Career Opportunities
Access to Technology provided by IT ensures that the visually impaired can easily integrate into the work force. The kind of career that IT enables the visually impaired to get into can be summarized into 2 categories:
IT related careers like Medical transcription- this job involves very little of eyes and more depends on hearing, software analysts and programmers
Non- IT careers ranging from business managers to social workers

Opportunities to Enhance Quality of Personal Life
Tasks done in personal life like sending letters, sending emails and keeping accounts and diaries are made convenient for the visually impaired due to the availability of access technology.

Threats of IT for the Visually Impaired
The world is going through a knowledge revolution today. IT is the main engine for this revolution. Unlike such revolutions in the past like the agrarian or the industrial revolution, social groups not participating in the revolution are likely to be marginalized. The criteria of determining whether a person is a literate in a knowledge economy and society is whether a person understands IT or not. So, in the context of the knowledge revolution, if the visually impaired do not know about IT, they could be further marginalized in society.

Thus, knowledge of IT provides for tremendous opportunities for the visually impaired





Currently we have 75 children / college going students using the hostel facilities at Samarthanam. The group consists of visually challenged, physically challenged and children from economically challenged background. There are 30 visually challenged, 12 physically challenged and 33 children hailing from very poor families. The above-mentioned numbers include both boys and girls belonging to various kinds of disabilities. All the college going boys and girls from Samarthanam go through the computer training program offered by the organization. The only criterion which we look for is that they should have passed 10 standard examination. This is a free training given to them so that their lack of sight is not an impairment to pursue their higher studies. We have also had students and others who are visually impaired but not staying in the hostel go through this program. We are not very rigid about the syllabi and the course content is always being upgraded / changed according to individual and current requirements.





GOALS OF THE CURRENT TRAINING PROGRAM The goals of this program is three fold - 1. Imparting basic computer skills 2. Train visually impaired into using computers comfortably in which ever field they would be pursuing 3. Try and absorb the trained visually or physically challenged in the organization itself if an opening exists. This project will affect all the students in this organization and impact their lives considerably in terms of education and employment opportunities,



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