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  project name ~ JSS Tuberculosis - 2012

category ~ Health Care - Adult




  Project Name


JSS Tuberculosis - 2012



JSS (Jan Swasthya Sahyog)



Health Care - Adult







  Budget Approved


Rs 210000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Rounak Narvekar
Vasundhara Rangaswamy
Zeena Benjamin
Sunita Mani
Aravind Natarajan
Shashank Jain
Srinivas Chadram (Naga)


Bay Area
Bay Area










JSS strives to provide ethical and equitos treatment to TB patients in Bilaspur. It is widely seen in the district that the prescriptions of the government TB programme are not customized to the state of the patient. The annual financial support required for medications is Rs. 18,00,000





JSS has already secured funding of around Rs. 4 lakhs from SRTT for 3 years, leaving an unmet need of Rs. 14 Lakhs. Of the remaining, A.I.D Duke has approved $3k this year and plans to increase it by $1-2k Whatever remains then has to be taken care of by other smaller donations they receive. Proposal for A.I.D Bay Area Rs 4 lakhs





JSSí goal is to develop capability to successfully treat approx. 600 TB patients a year.



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