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Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
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  project name ~ ARTRC

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Vikash Educational Charitable Trust.



Education - Adult







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Rs 180000


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Vijay Kale


Penn State










The Odisha Chapter of AID India has completed six successful years of its existence. AID India has been able to assist disadvantaged rural communities primarily through the activities of the AID Rural Technology Resource Centre (ARTRC) since 2006 towards self-sustainability. The ARTRC was set up by AID Odisha to promote rural technology, sustainable livelihoods and skill training for villagers/local artisans, experiments in organic farming and promotion of basic education with the ultimate objective of development in the backward and tribal region of Gajapati district, Odisha. AID India has been working with individuals at the grass roots level since then to create sustainable communities through the enhancement of individual skills and knowledge as well as to ensure that traditional livelihoods are maintained and indigenous skilled workers are not made obsolete. ARTRC has grown to include a fully operating elementary school, a small organic farm, and a profitable tailoring school and workshop. AID also has been able to have a small impact in rest of the state in partnership with Pratham whose volunteers who help disseminate some of the projects which began at the ARTRC such as the low cost solar LED lanterns. AID also has been involved in various other activities such as flood relief and actions towards peace and harmony.
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1. Training in tailoring 2. Computer training to people in rural areas 3. Primary school for underprivileged children 4. Training of organic farming to farmers





1. Vocational training of technicians in the chosen fields, as we have previously been successful with Tailoring, Dress making, Fashion Design and Computer Vocational programs 2. ARTRC will emerge over the next couple of years as a strong self-reliant institution of skills training and rural technology development and promotion, which will create a significant educational opportunity in a very backward region of the state. 3. Our mission is to make employment opportunities for the potential youth of Gajapati district. 4. To position ourselves as an institution that can take become part of the Skills revolution in the country.



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