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  project name ~ RTI on Wheels - New Van

category ~ Peoples Rights




  Project Name


RTI on Wheels - New Van






Peoples Rights







  Budget Approved


Rs 1790000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Chadram (Naga)
Rutooj Deshpande
Ram Shah
Chitra Ranganathan


Bay Area









In order to meet this need, MAGP initiated what is called as RTI on Wheels, a multi-media (awareness, outreach and training) vehicle. This was again India’s first vehicle for RTI-guidance at the doorstep.
The idea of RTI on Wheels was envisaged as a vehicle that will
• Create Brand Identity of RTI
• Can reach to remote interior places in rural areas with technology
• Can conduct film-screening, video shows at night
• Can have outreach programmes from the places we get maximum calls on RTI helpline
• Can have online RTI application drafting.
• Can be invited by various campaigns





RTI On wheels will now complete two years. In past two years it has reached to more than 2.5 lakh citizens in 15 districts of the state. The locations where RTI On wheels reaches are both Rural and Urban areas. It goes to markets, folk fairs, public Authorities, hospitals, Pubic gardens, slums, settlements of nomadic and de-notified, desert of Kutch where Agariyas produce salt, village Panchyat, schools and colleges. It disseminates the information about schemes, programmes, its budgets, processes, which is mandatory on the part of public authority to pro-actively disclose as per section 4 of the RTI act. It is found that RTI on Wheels increases the number of queries on Phone Calls; it helps citizen to draft her/his application correctly. RTI On wheels has Public address system, TV, VCR for conducting video shows and a library with RTI awareness & Training material. It is manned with two volunteers one, Para-legal worker cum Driver and one RTI expert. RTI on Wheels is used by various stakeholders as per their need. A Gramsabha invites this vehicle to screen a film on RTI Act, public authorities envisage this vehicle as media of disseminating information pro-actively about NREGA and other welfare schemes, citizen invites it for ready guidance for filing RTI applications. The idea of taking RTI to masses was so much appreciated by citizen’s groups in Rajasthan and Maharastra that, they invited RTI on Wheels for conducting model demonstration of outreach programme in Udaipur, Jaipur, Bhilwada, pune, Thane, and Mumbai.





A way Ahead: Basis on the experiences of conducting outreach programmes in various places, in cities, in rural areas, in hilly areas, and in desert, we can say this model is successful in terms of its coverage, effective in terms of results-impacts and affordable and replicable in terms of cost. We need to have some additional equipment in the current vehicle to make it more effective. These are, Solar panel and light, a portable projector is needed which can be carried easily & a TV with LCD screen for conducting video shows during day time. The Current RTI on wheels have successfully demonstrated that RTI On wheels can be the best model for awareness, capacity building and facilitation of RTI and can be replicated. As the vehicle that was modified into RTI on wheels was an old vehicle, and has been used extensively for last two years, its maintenance cost is quite high. Further, with only one vehicle which limits its coverage and reach. If another vehicle is modified into RTI on wheels, which will enhance the reach and will also reduce wear and tear of the vehicle and in case of break-down there will another vehicle to take over. Since basic design of the alterations is ready, the modification cost will also be low.



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