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  project name ~ Strengthening NREGS in Bagmundi block of Purulia district

category ~ Livelihood Generation




  Project Name


Strengthening NREGS in Bagmundi block of Purulia district



Mandra Lions Club



Livelihood Generation






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 568700


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Naveen Vetcha


Los Angeles





NREGA Phase 2 work.





Per the AID LA/MLC collaboration for the past three years, 1st phase (mainly awareness), 2nd phase (Action/ demand/ corrective measures) led to upliftment of NREGA awareness and implementation in the Purulia district and a desired awareness has been created on the NREGS related rights. The 3rd Phase aim is to increase the income of the labourer families and sustainable resource generation at the area so that their purchase capacity increases which will have certainly a positive change in their quality of life index.





1. Phase 1 of the NREGA project (1st year) has led to strong NREGS awareness in the Baghmundi block and other areas of the Purulia district. 2. Phase 2 of the NREGA project (2nd year) dealt primarily with working with the GP officials and BDO officials to demand action and implement corrective measures to address NREGS loopholes.





1. Run advocacy and make demand by people: • On demand of more than 100 days’ work (as the NREGA act says – there should be provision for a minimum of 100 days work per family), • Not to run routine NREGS work during rain and harvesting time, • Government should approach the area to collect 4A applications and provide jobs with a proper campaign in a routine manner. • Organize ‘Jan Sunani’ in its real sense. 2. Covering the lean period (for labours) 3. Aware people on putting 4A forms for getting whether job has started in their area or not.



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