"Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another..."

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  project name ~ Revival of Tribal Arts

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  Project Name


Revival of Tribal Arts









East Singhbhum




  Budget Approved


$ 2500


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Sanat Mohanty












Kalamandir works in tribal villages in Jharkhand for tribal empowerment using traditional artforms as a point of entry. The primary occupation of people is agriculture, hunting, gathering and during the dry season they move out to the cities as laborers.There is water problem in the region. Help is needed in providing a second means of income for these tribal groups.





Listed in trip report: 1. Involvement of local administration 2. Succesful presentation of dying art form in national venues 3. Increase in local confidence. Community has begun to build a community center through own initiative





Kalamandir wants to help in providing a secondary source of income during a part of the season by reviving a dying dance form (Firkaal) that the Munda, Ho and Bhumij used to practise. It will also aid in reviving their self esteem. These tribals (with the santhals) live in close knot hamlets with no hierarchy within them. The tribals are very interdependent on each other. Help to one group will bring about changes in the others as well.



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