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  project name ~ Support for RTI in Tribal Areas

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


Support for RTI in Tribal Areas






Right To Information (RTI)



Tribal Areas




  Budget Approved


Rs 230000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Chadram (Naga)











Spreading awareness about RTI in tribal areas in Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.





MAGP has initiated very innovative approaches for generating awareness among common citizens in urban as well rural areas like RTI on Wheel, MAGP’s RTI on Wheels is designed to reach RTI act to such un-reached areas in simple language, do hand holding of the communities, and empower them to make use of RTI. RTI on Wheel has made model demonstrations to various states; it has also made demonstration before Chief Information Commissioner Shri Wajahat Habibullah, during his visit to the Ahmedabad last year. He appreciated MAGP’s work, and said that reaching to un-reach with RTI is the need. RTI on Wheel has been replicated in many states like States in North East, Karnataka and Andhra-Pradesh. Even the Governor of Gujarat state wanted to see the functioning of RTI on wheel and invited the RTI to see the functioning of RTI ON WHEEL. The information is available on RTI Blog www.mahitiadhikar.blogspot.com . RTI on wheels is India’s first multimedia vehicle for RTI guidance. It has created outreach programmes in Rajasthan, Maharastra. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rti_on_wheels/sets/72157614843513471





1) To undertake research and situational analysis of the level of awareness about RTI among the Adivasis people and also quality of government enforcement of services like PDS(Public Service Distribution), distribution of welfare services like pension to widow, handicapped, Housing schemes, Implementation of ICDS (Integrated Child Development Schemes) and Mid Day Meal, SSA and others provided in Adivasis pockets. 2) To share the knowledge gained from research with various stake holder like Adivasis community members, policy makers at state secretariat level, organizations working in these areas, media and academicians and elected members at like legislators for effecting better changes in lives of vulnerable people like Adivasis. 3) MAGP will prepare reports on status of implementation of various programmes being implemented in Adivasi pockets like TASP ( Tribal Area Sub Plan), ICDS, SSA and other using RTI better implementation of such developmental programmes. 4) To enable the Adivasis community members to develop (a) Capacity to understand the provisions of entitlements of various welfare schemes and budget outlay for development of Adivasis pockets under TASP and other development programmes. (b) Skills to use RTI and budgetary information as tool for citizens’ mobilizations, advocacy and accountability.



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