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  project name ~ Madduvalasa

category ~ Peoples Rights




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Nisarga Trust



Peoples Rights






Andhra Pradesh

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$ 800


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Sree Ganesan












This proposal is for supporting a legal cell to aid the ousteesof Madduvalasa reservoir in preparing for and seeking court interventions to get an enhancement of their compensation, fighting for a proper rehabilitation package and preparing writ petitions were their rights are not being recognized at all.


Madduvalasa Reservoir is a medium irrigation project under construction near Madduvalasa village in vangara mandal, Srikakulam District situated in the border of Orissa state and the edge of coastal area of Andhra Pradesh. This reservoir is being constructed on the river “Suvrnamukhi” which is a tributed to the famous river Nagavali.

Over 5000 families from 13 villages are being displaced by the Maduvalasa reservoir where there is no rehabilitation package and arbitrary amounts of cash compensation have been made to some of the families. The logic of cost benefit of the project itself is irrational as pointed out by comparing the submerged land (amount and quality) to that which will be irrigated as mentioned in the document. The oustees are struggling for better rehabilitation and gathering information on the project itself.





- “Madduvalasa Displaced Legal Aid Center” was started at Rajam from January 2002. - with a view to inform about the position of the cases to people and to clear their doubts, conducted frequent meetings with the stakeholders. - Lok Adalat victory The proposal put forth by the Asst. Commissioner that 80% of compensation would be taken by Endowments Department and 20% of compensation would be given to the displaced. The legal aid center worked seriously to change this allocation. In the lok Adalat trial on 7-9-2002 it was agreed that 60% of the compensation would be accepted by ryots and 40% by Endowments. This was accepted after discussing with displaced ryots. - the 75 cases taken up by the center were thus solved, and the legal aid center was closed in December, 2002.





The legal will work together with the movement of the Maduvalasa submerged villages, keeping in view the pathetic state of rehabilitation and the various legal options available for the oustees as stated above. Some of its immediate tasks will be: • Find out the total land asked by the irrigation department – wet and dry – for the project. • Land acquisition has been ongoing for 20 years. Substantial information is not there with everyone. Data collection from land acquisition office on the status of each family is important. • Find out how much of land was taken in advance without the acquisition proceedings suomotto. • To what extent was compensation paid to each family. How many people have filed cases for enhancement and referred to court. How many cases still pending with land acq. Office for enhancement. • Advise on and help with legal aid to title disputes between small and big farmers and individual versus instititutitions. For example in Kotisa village 150 acres of land is being claimed by Endowment dept which 70-80 small farmers are cultivating. • In some cases Lower courts have given enhancement but the govt has gone to high court to nullify that. Work towards making the govt. withdraw this case. • Geetanapalli, Nukalavada, Kotapeta, some blocks of Patwardhanam were land acquisition has not yet occurred need legal guidance. • Filing and follow-up of cases already filed. • Basis for filing a writ to challenge the project and/or to ensure rehabilitation. • Legal cell office will work as a liason with NGOs, parties, shelter for displaced when they are coming to land acquisition office. • Collect data on D-format patta lands and prepare writ on enhancement as well as non-adherence to GO.



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