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  project name ~ Mandra Lions Club RTI project 2013

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


Mandra Lions Club RTI project 2013



Mandra Lions Club



Right To Information (RTI)






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 523200


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Rajarshi Mukherjee











This is a project in the Purulia district of West Bengal. For the last 3 years Mandra Lions Club have worked towards increasing public awareness about Right To Information (RTI) and their other lawful rights, energizing public movement towards filing RTIs and ensuring their rights are preserved. Driven by an ambition to empower people to help themselves and keeping a more holistic goal in hindsight, MLC has identified a need for a sustained effort to sensitize community about their constitutional rights and subsequent strengthening of Gram Sansad and different activity monitoring committees. Gram Sabha, the quintessential essence of democracy, happens to be a major arena of government malpractice and manipulation. Hence MLC plans to educate people about subjects like importance of regular and transparent Sansad Meetings, duty and accountability of Sansad Member and activity monitoring committees- among several constitutional rights. This project plans to amalgamate with the usual RTI related activities since both are motivated by a community empowerment and anti-corruption perspective. Through several project activities Mandra Lions Club hopes to see regular transparent Sansad meetings, elevated public awareness about basic constitutional voting rights, increase in independent women poll and possibly a gradual inception of people friendly policy level decisions.





Achievements resulting from past and current activities include among many: RTI efforts in Purulia District of West Bengal , sanitizing BPL lists, addressing NREGA related issues like Job Cards and Wage or Compensation payment delays, pensions for widows and seniors, dealing with corruption Public Distribution System and in Public Infrastructure Projects, increasing awareness about RTI and self-sufficiency among public in filing RTI applications, huge improvement in reply time for filed RTI’s and subsequent actions, using key human resources like students/ self-help groups/ youth clubs, etc. , public meetings and camps, Peaceful Agitations and Protests.





An integrated approach which includes sustaining RTI related activities along with introduction of people friendly process for accessing different Govt. facilities by strengthening Gram Sansad (a body consisting of persons registered at any time in the electoral rolls of a constituency of a gram panchayat) and efficient functioning of different ‘activity-monitoring committees’ through area voters’ awareness.



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