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  project name ~ SATHI CEHAT (2013)

category ~ Health Care and Family Planning




  Project Name





CEHAT (Center for Enquiry into Health, Allied..



Health Care and Family Planning



Barwani, Hoshangabad, Chindwara



Madhya Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 313200


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Keerthana Krishnan
Pooja Parameswaran
Mahalakshmi Ramamurthy












The record of health system in India towards providing adequate health services has been exceptionally poor. Focusing on maternal health rights, SATHI along with people’s organizations have taken a ‘Right to Health’ approach and are involved in asserting the demand for better health care and infrastructure. Fostering health movements in collaboration with people’s organizations and other like minded grassroots NGOs has been one of the key themes adopted by the SATHI team since the inception of its health rights work in Maharashtra and Barwani district of M.P. They support training of women community health workers as well as assisting development of community pressure for improved functioning of public health services.





In late 2010 information accessed by the SATHI team in Barwani, MP revealed significant number of institutional maternal deaths taking place particularly in Barwani District hospital, with evidence that serious negligence was responsible for many of these. In this context, SATHI collaborated with Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan (JADS) to organize major mass protests demanding tangible improvements in the functioning of public hospitals, particularly improved provision of maternal health care. These protests were remarkable for the large scale participation of the adivasi community, particularly women, on the issue of health rights, which led to significant publicity and highlighting the need to ensure adequate specialist doctors, nurses, supportive infrastructure and medicines towards provision of adequate quality antenatal, delivery and postnatal care at various levels. Subsequently a number of both official and civil society enquiry teams visited Barwani and prepared reports which highlighted the major gaps in service provision, and gave recommendations for a wide range of improvements. Subsequently a Public interest litigation (PIL) was filed by JADS activists in the Indore High court, which has further resulted in orders being issued by the court to the State government to draw up an action plan to implement the recommendations of the NRHM-AGCA team. A wider state level discussion among various civil society groups in M.P. was also organised in Sept. 2011 in Bhopal, where the idea of taking up advocacy on the issue of maternal health services in various districts of the state was discussed. In the last one year SATHI team at Badwani has identified four more like minded NGOs interested in activities with a health rights perspective. The team proposes to work in form of a ‘Resource centre on Maternal health rights’ with broader linkages to improve overall functioning of public health services in the state of MP.





Creating awareness regarding maternal health services and related rights among community members and activists of grassroots organizations. Advocating for improved maternal health services and safe delivery care as part of basic health services with reasonable quality. Influencing health care providers involved in providing maternal health services to improve their behavior and communication with people accessing care, as well as improving delivery of basic health services. Promoting maternal death reviews by district maternal death review committees.



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