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  project name ~ Communal Harmony Programs for BEd, DEd students

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  Project Name


Communal Harmony Programs for BEd, DEd students



Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Center










  Budget Approved


Rs 110000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Dwijendra Guru











The project is aimed at promoting communal harmony discussion and thought processes amongst college students, especially, D.Ed. and B.Ed. students in and around Mumbai by organizing competitions in elocution, essay writing, etc. ,and camps wherein they can interact with senior Gandhians.

New initiatices include, organizing functions to celebrate festivals together, and other such community based efforts.





Lectures and essay competitions have been conducted as planned and have received attention from a fairly good number of the students in the DEd and BEd colleges. Interactions with the speakers giving the lectures and AID-MN volunteers have lead to discussions on exploring other ways to increase the interaction between youth and children of different communities. One of the suggestions, organizing functions to celebrate festivals together was implemented during the 2004 Diwali - Id. (More info in the trip report that can be found in the "documents" section of the projects folder.





To encourage and inculcate secular thoughtprocesses amongst the target group, i.e. D.Ed. and B.Ed. students



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