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  project name ~ Aranyika Core Support 2013

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Aranyika Core Support 2013






Community Empowerment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 739000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Krovvidy
Chandrayee Basu


College Park









The main objective of this project is to build and strengthen the youth associations and women’s legal cell that Aranyika has been working on during last few years with support from AID. Specifically, this project proposed to focus on building Youth Associations in nearby villages of Minumuluru where we plan to set up a permanent Ashram soon. There are around 10 villages within 3-4km far from Minumuluru. Along with regular training, we want to concentrate on Forest Rights Act which is useful to the area to get the benefits from the forest based on this Act.
With this project Aranyika would like to build on their work towards strengthening women’s legal cell. Last year they could mobilize women to come forward to tackle the women issues in the area. Around 35 women members came forward to work under DARI from different villages. They need training to deal the issues. They meet every Friday at Aranyika office to plan their weekly program such as who will follow up on which issue etc. Every month on 30th they come to office for training. They are taught how to make a police complaint, how to deal with the police officials, what provisions are available for women. The training will also include some analytical sessions on women problems and the perspectives from social activists. This support enables to form further mandal wise small teams to work at mandal level on the issues.

The project is expected to continue for multiple years with an understanding that there will be an annual report documenting the progress of these activities at the end of each year.





DAWRI (Desk for Awareness of Women on Responsibilities and Issues: A tribal women friendly initiative has proved to be a trusted friend for those helpless and hopeless women to bank upon in times of distress. During last year, DARI has been working on over two different cases including providing guidance, counseling and legal support. The following are the cases attended to pertain to the following areas: • Matrimonial Dispute • Divorce • Rape • Dowry Related Issues • Maintenance • Property Related • Sexual Harassment at Work Place • Harassment by Neighbours • Extra Marital Relationships • Abduction Held multiple meetings and forums that included participation by local magistrate, judge and deputy superintendent of police where they interacted with local women and activists and helped them understand the importance of fighting against these issues. Multiple cases were referred by government officials to counsel both parties when domestic violence cases are reported. Sample achievements from Youth Associations Under the leadership of Aranyika, MKYSs [Manavatha Kendra Youth Associations] organised a padayatra from 23-8-2012 to 24-8-2012. We covered five Panchayths such as Devapuram, Salugu, Vantalamamidi, Modapattu and Inada in this Pada Yatra. One interesting thing in PadaYatra was that before reaching the venue [village] as per our route map, all the dues to NREGS workers had been cleared by the VRPs by knowing our visit. After our PadaYatra, as an impact people could able to negotiate for the proper payments and got succeeded. In Inada Panchayath, 4 villages and in Salugu Panchayath one village could get the proper payments after their efforts. The following are the names of the villages and the money what they got. Raikota villagers – 56000/-, Gadabala veedhi - 1,82,000/-, Gulli – 32000/-, Kusarlapalem – 1,20,000/- In Salugu Panchayath Rangasingi village – 1,42,000/- Government Civil Supply Shop opened in a remote Panchayath: Civil supply shop was inaugurated by J Ganikamma, sarpanch in Lolangipadu village of Salugu panchayath by the initiative of Sri K Rajkumar, Aranyika. It serves 455 families from 30 villages of Salugu and Inada panchayaths. In earlier years people used to walk around 15 kms to get their provisions from civil supply shop. Giri Youth Association members joined with Aranyika and became active learners and concentrating to solve their Panchayath problems. The Giri youth Association members also participated in the opening ceremony of fair price shop.





The goals of the current project include: I. Promoting Youth Associations in the area and II. Providing legal assistance with counseling to tackle the women issues under DARI – For Women. Youth Associations: Focus on the following Youth associations: 1.1. Tabelugummi Manavtha Kendra, K.Kodapalli, K.Kodapalli Panchayath, G.Madugula Mandalam. 1.2. Punaralochana Seva Sangam, Galaganda, Galaganda Panchayath, Peddaboilu Mandalam. 1.3. Adhrashya Youth Sangam, Malakaraput, Kilogeda Panchayath, Munchingputu Mandalam. 1.4. Giri Yuvatha Youth Association, Ainada Panchayath, Paderu Mandalam Build ashram at Minumuluru over 2 acres of land catering to 10 villages in the neighborhood. The ashram will provide residential facilities for volunteers and women victims of domestic violence and social injustice. It will also provide in-house trainings promoting volunteerism and social entrepreneurship. Women’s Cell: Strengthening of women’s cell by organizing workshops and counseling sessions including sensitization to gender and class discrimination, training in leadership qualities. Continue ongoing services through the women desk including following up on old cases while taking up new issues. It also plans to give legal trainings to women along with youth. This year the project concentrates on promoting members for the women desk from the area. They like to celebrate women’s day as every year which will give a platform to relate with many people those are concerned and women friendly.



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