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  project name ~ Implementation of the Social Security Act for the Unorganized Workers

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Implementation of the Social Security Act for the Unorganized Workers






Community Empowerment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 359125


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sridhar Vemuri


Los Angeles









Sahnivasa, one of AIDs Long Term Partners is seriously engaging to negotiate with government for the implementation of unorganized workers social security Act 2008 in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The Act was enacted in the year 2008 after a decade long campaign at national level in association with the national center for labour.

The Act is supposed to cover the social security of 93% of the total work force of India, who are not considered as workers as they are not organized force.





1. Sahnivasa has been systematically put efforts in convincing the state government to bring out the rules and also formed the social security board. 2. Sahanivasa has already contacted some of the CSOs, conducted meetings at state level to carry forward the campaign.





1. Improved organizing and collective strategies of Trade Unions and Labour organizations (including MBOs) to engage government on social protection/security for unorganized workers 2. Improved implementation of Unorganized Workers Social Security Act in terms of schemes, fund allocation, functioning of existing boards, governance of these board, enrolment mechanisms for workers 3. Empower workers of the Social Security Act rules and register workers in the welfare board to get the benefits.



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