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  project name ~ Upholding Health Rights in Urban Slum of Kolkata

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Upholding Health Rights in Urban Slum of Kolkata






Community Empowerment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 60000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Runali Ghosh











Urban slums in present times portray one of the disparate and disadvantaged life profiles for poor and marginalized populations who despite being very near to bunch of urban amenities can not actually access them due to inherent socio-economic gaps. Socio-economically and overall empowerment wise they portray structural gaps of the system of which children and their immediate families are the worst victims. Around one-third of India’s urban population lives in abject poverty and Kolkata are no exception to this status. Here more than one-third lives in slums. Dakshindari is such a slum (with population of around one hundred thousand) where children, old people and other disadvantaged sections face considerable health and nutrition hazards.

When MANTRA planned to work in most vulnerable pockets of Kolkata in terms of basic services of life it found Dakshindari in the northern part of the city under South Dumdum Municipality to be one such place. Apart from Dakshindari, Dhakuria in southern part of the city too has been taken up recently by MANTRA still emphasis is still been accorded to Dakshindari due to lack of enough funds. Both these areas have poor clusters that have populations living below poverty line and afflicted with empowerment challenges almost in and every stage of life.
Mantras goals are low cost health care and support along with basic nutrition cum training scopes to these children and their families.





Health Support Regarding health services MANTRA for the past eight years has been organizing various health camps, discussions on health, distribution of free medicines and also provided health services to these children, their families and also many other poor people of this locality. Training Support On the behavioral education like training and awareness few selected trades like beautician course, carpentry, mobile repairing, tailoring MANTRA has begun sessions with few elderly students that need to be upscaled in a more effective manner.





Immediate Objective & Long term Goal: To empower a section of under-privileged children –its’ families to enable them enjoy life in normal terms like timely health support, sense of reliance, awareness about general affairs, legal provisions, access to civic amenities, precautionary measures for emergency situations and also training on vocational education. Since Dakshindari’s five wards have more or less similar socio-economic characteristics it would be need based if MANTRA could visualize a plan for all disadvantaged children of five wards by 2016. Till now it caters only to ward 33 and 35 and that too all the children and their families who are in dire in of such basic health cum hygiene support could not be captured due to paucity of funds and resources. Planned Actions to Reach Targets: First MANTRA has set up two clinics in two locations of akshindari to help people have better access to health services at their door steps. Six specialist doctors render services on a regular basis. Second MANTRA also organizes regular coaching classes for needy children which covers general awareness on health and hygiene as well. Third Mothers’ groups formed out of mothers’ meetings do on regular intervals meet up with MANTRA members to concentrate more effectively on their children. Though MANTRA conducts sessions with mothers about children’s special needs, mothers’ roles etc. it envisions a more elaborate plan for mothers so that regular orientation of mothers in a more qualitative manner is accomplished in the future.



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