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  project name ~ Educational needs of rural children

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  Project Name


Educational needs of rural children



RHF (Ray Of Hope Foundation Inc)



education - child







  Budget Approved


$ 3000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Komudi Singh







-School Ground





This project was proposed by RHF Inc. to address the following three needs of Sri Phirangi Swami School in Gavamata, Tumkur district, Karnataka.
1. Annual Academic and Personal Needs: Books and supplies, tuition fees, scholarships, uniforms, mid-day meals, and health
2. Facilities needs: Computer lab, technical training center, science laboratory, library, and lavoratory;
3. Equipment and Training Needs: Vocational school machinery, computers, classroom furniture, Internet access, LCD projector, educational materials and training.

Since 1982 RHF Inc. has helped the school to grow starting from a stage where classes used to be held in a rented facility with a total of 60 students. Now the school has 12 classrooms and a playground with strength of 450 students. RHF also contributed to the construction of a bore well & a water tank for the children of the school. In addition, they also provide merit based scholarships to the students on an annual basis.

Columbus chapter decided to fund the computer lab that falls under the "Facilities Needs" of the proposal. This project is a step towards bringing computer education to the students of this school.

The project is complete and RHF Inc. has equipped the computer lab with 2 used laptops & 1 desktop. However, these systems are having maintenance problems & hence the NGO has requested additional funds to buy computers for the facility. Details about this second request can be found under the project titled "Funding School Computers".





The computer building has been completed successfully. The exam results show that there has been a good amount of improvement in the student''s performance over the last few years, shown below as percentage students passed out in year 2003. Year # of students % passed 1982 36 45% 1990 450 90% 2003 354 92% Though it is not an outcome of this project, it goes to show that the school is definitely growing and attracting more & more students from the villages around.





The project aims to provide computer education for the students of SPS school which caters to the educational needs of several villages in and around Gavimata in the Tumkur district of Karnataka. This proposal seeks funding for the building infrastructure that will form the school''s computer facility.



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