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  project name ~ Program Executor for promoting organic farming

category ~ Rural Development and Environment




  Project Name


Program Executor for promoting organic farming



Koodu Trust



Rural Development and Environment






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 350000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Suchithra Ramaswamy


Bay Area









Tamil nadu is the pioneering organic farming State in India and there are more than 40,000 organic farmers across the state. The organic farmers are from all categories in the farming community, i.e., from small and malginalised to big well off farmers. This revolution started to happen for more than two decades and hundreds of organic farmers and NGOs worked for this to happen in the state, without the support of the state govt.
Organic farming had come to stay in the State and yet there is a lot to be done in stabilising it and the benefits it offers. Moreover still there is room for improving this and more farmers need to brought in considering the State’s population growth and its rain deficient nature.
As organic farming had got its roots well the next phase needs to be strengthened. To take the organic farming to next level there are few needs. Linking the farmers with the market, raising the understanding about the needs of promoting organic farming among the Political Parties, helping the prominent farmer organizations leaders about the latest happenings in agriculture technologies and policies,
Farmers are to be linked for proactive roles in lobbying the Governmental policies for the growth of organic farming and the related industry. The farmers and consumers are to be networked to reap the benefits of organic farming. The farmers are to be kept in touch with the changing world’s priorities and developments. Similarly the new trends, technologies, its positivities and negativities, policies, etc are to be carried to common farmers and grass root organic farming promoters. A newsletter for this purpose is proposed here.
To take the organic farmers too much higher level and helping them to make an impact on the society and to influence the Policy makers a State level organic farmers’ meet is proposed as a celebration. It will be an event to declare that the organic farmers are liberated from the clutches of farm chemicals.
All these programs and activities will be in one year from the date of receipt of the funds.
Considering all these Koodu had decided to get involve and engage with the senior and pioneering organic farmers and consumers of Tamil nadu.





This is first year of supporting this project





The activities proposed 1).Market linkage meetings 2).Road map for Organic Tamil nadu 3).Lobbying on Or. Farming policy 4).Farmer organization leaders meet on needs of sustainable farming and its threats 5).Organising and conducting Organic farmers of the state and celebrating their success 6). Newsletter on organic farming and sustainable farming issues and programs 7).Book and booklets in Tamil



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