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  project name ~ BCRT Afforestation

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


BCRT Afforestation



BCRT (Biodiversity Conservation Research Trus..



rural development and environment



Hassan District




  Budget Approved


$ 3000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Komudi Singh







BCRT - nursery. Here BCRT grows a susstantial number of local species, medicinal plants and supplies them to village farmers at a nominal price. Seedlings are also supplied at this nursery.





Biodiversity Conservation and Research Trust (BCRT), a non-profit environmental organization, was founded by Dr. Malali Gowda in 2001. Its primary goal is to conserve the biodiversity in India and is based in Anaganalu village of Hassan district in Karnataka.

BCRT believes that in the present context, afforestation is the most effective way to preserve and enrich biodiversity as well as to maintain the environment. In this project, BCRT plans to increase the greenery in seven villages surrounding Anaganalu. Towards this, the organization plans to distribute tree saplings to villagers; guide them to plant in their preferred location and provide guidelines to protect them. The funds have been disbursed to the NGO in February 2006.





1. BCRT raised 20,000 plants in their nursery and distributed them to surrounding 7 villages with approximately 20 saplings per family. 2. At the end of first year, BCRT reported that 60% of the planted saplings survived. 3. Owing to the success in increasing greenery in these 7 villages, other neighboring villages have been requesting BCRT to extend their work to their localities. 4. The state government of Karnataka has recognized the efforts of the organization in biodiversity conservation and presented the APJ Abdul Kalam Environmental award. 5. BCRT is also working in collaboration with the forest department, horticulture and watershed department for afforestation, fruit and plantation program, rainwater harvesting structures like check dams and bunds respectively.





1) Identify and conserve endangered plant species 2) Motivate farmers to adopt tree-based farming system 3) Establish model plant nursery. 4) Establish natural ecosystem and food chain in rural areas.



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