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  project name ~ NREGS Phase 4 - Baghmundi

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


NREGS Phase 4 - Baghmundi



Mandra Lions Club



Community Empowerment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 171950


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Kavitha Balaji


Los Angeles









Mandra Lions Club has been working to make Bagmundi (Purulia district, West Bengal) a model block for NREGS implementation. The first three phases involved spreading awareness to the people about NREGS, performing a model pond excavation project to explain the working of NREGS and mobilizing people to apply for jobs and job cards. The phases also involved mobilizing the government to actively campaign about the jobs available, issue job cards with photographs and pay wages.

The current NREGS implementation needs to be improved. Some issues like carrying out NREGA during peak agricultural period, increasing number of working days, increasing the wages, etc. Agriculture has to be improved independently in the region.





The first three phases of NREGS successfully brought about awareness among the people about NREGS, job cards and job applications. People have been demanding jobs and there is a high success rate conversion of job applications per household to the number of jobs issued per household. People have started taking active part in sansads and community planning. The labor force has also been trained in soil cutting measurements and corruption rate due to non-issuance of job cards and erroneous soil-cutting measurements have come down several fold.





To educate and the labor groups, Panchayat Members and also the people about the purpose of NREGS, increasing the number of man-days and wages. In particular, people will be made aware of how to most effectively avail themselves of the maximum man-days from NREGS. Awareness will also be provided about correlation between soil cutting measurements with respect to soil texture. In order to promote agriculture, labor group will be mobilized to not seek NREGS jobs during the rainy season, in order to get enough labor force for agriculture.



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