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  project name ~ NREGS Phase 4 Extension - pond desilting

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


NREGS Phase 4 Extension - pond desilting



Mandra Lions Club



Community Empowerment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 250000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Kavitha Balaji


Los Angeles









Per the Phase 2- extension work to excavate the pond, practical training on measurements, man hours, wage calculation training for NREGS has been provided to the community.

Moreover, the ponds owned by landlords are not for use by the common community people especially as because water height are gradually drying. The community people are using canal stored dirty water (which causes health hazards) the clean and fresh water only for the land lords family members.)
The land of the ponds which has created on Phase 2 provided by MLC and deep is 35 ft. and will be community owned for direct and indirect uses.





The pond constructed in Phase 2 has been a model for the revenue that comes out of fisheries and other activities that the pond supports. The following are the outputs from the pond: 1.Sale proceed of table fish 2. Sale proceed fish seedlings for rearing purposes Indirectly from use of water of the pond (i.e. the holistic impacts): 3. Sale proceed of Mango production 4. Sale proceed of vegetables production of the farm 5. The manure of the live animal will be used to pond for fish feeding naturally 6. Sale proceed of milk production of the Dairy farm 7. Sale of Goat / meet of the goat farm 7. Sale proceed of eggs of the Duck farm





To continue an effective utilization of the excavated pond that was constructed in phase 2 by the Community for the foreseeable future. The current proposal focuses on desilting the pond effectively by building a boundary around the pond (which was not done during Phase 2).



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