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  project name ~ RWDT Eureka Superkidz

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


RWDT Eureka Superkidz



Rural Women Development Trust



Education - Child






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 309600


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Jayanthi Natarajan











RWDT Eureka SuperKidz Project is a community-based after-school learning program designed to improve the quality of education in rural areas. Our goal is to provide high-quality education inputs to children from the poorest families and ensure every child achieves basic competencies in Language, Math and Science.

The main principles of the program are a strong focus on learning outcomes through individual attention to students, fun activity and content, and local participation and accountability.





Every quarter, we also organize children’s festivals to showcase children’s learning and involve parents and community to highlight issues in education quality. As part of the Superkidz program, we also do a series of “declaration events” where the field teams demonstrate that all children in a village can learn basic skills and showcase the same to parents. We plan to organize more such events. Presently we are conducting the Children Knowledge centers in 70 villages. Total children=4750 benefited.





In each village where the program is run, there will be 2 village-level tutors (one for classes 3-5, and another for classes 6-8). We train the tutors using our specialized research method with fun activities for children for specific learning goals. The tutors use skill charts to track and improve specific skills. The program is designed in a way that parents and community are encouraged to participate actively and tutors are locally accountable to the community. The tutors regularly share children’s progress with parents and create community awareness of learning issues. We will train, support and monitor these tutors with the help of expert teachers who will visit and offer suggestions/make corrections to improve quality. Every quarter, we will provide learning resources for each center and workbooks for each child. We will set goals for each subject area, and track children’s skills and improvements every month.



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