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  project name ~ Annamrit - Midday meals to primary school children

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


Annamrit - Midday meals to primary school children



VMT (Venu Madhuri Trust)



rural development and environment







  Budget Approved


$ 1500


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Rajesh Shethia


New Mexico










Venu Madhuris vision is to develop a self-sufficient model in Ramanwadi, a village in Kolhapur district close to the Karnataka-Maharashtra border. Ramanwadi is located in the Western Ghats of India. Venu Madhuri volunteers have been working for more than two years in this village. They have identified some key problems facing the village today and have devised a plan to implement different integrated, sustainable activities with the participation of villagers. The phases and the activities are:

Phase-1: Health and value-education for children (Work Started)
Phase-2:Watershed development (Review Done)
Phase-3: Organic farming and cottage industry
Phase-4: Animal husbandry

Proposal received by AID-New Mexico and AID-Dallas, is for carrying out activities in phase 1. The two projects are:

Annamrit: To provide healthy, nutritious daily meals to the children of primary school in Ramanwadi. This also involves periodic visits by Venu Madhuri nutritionist to decide the ingredients of the meals. The cooking is done by a couple of villagers. This program also includes once a month meal for all villagers.

As of now, May20, 2004, AID-New Mexico has approved $1500 towards groceries for 55 children.





Results of ANNAMRIT project Related to kids 1.Regular attendance at school (as meals are available daily at school) 2.Due to Govt. scheme and then village politics, the main school was split into two schools. This splitting had strong negative impact on students. Annamrit program was the only reason to bring both the schools together. Now all the students are very happy to learn, eat and play together. 3.We are reaching parents through their children. 4.Machindra, a Samskara Varga trained boy, received second award at Thesil level school competitions, for reciting Sanskrit prayers and for best action in drama. 5.Sampada, a fourth STD girl student who is trained with Samskar Varg for one year, was shifted by her parents to the next village school for 5th STD as Ramanwadi has only primary school up to 4th std. Sampada is highly appreciated in her new school from the teachers for her good character and imparting good teachings amongst her class mates. Sampada is class leader in her school. 6. Children are trained for clean lifestyle as of daily taking bath, washing hands and feet after urinating or passing stool, keeping hairs and nails short. 7.The program has surprised parents and villagers to see the tremendous positive change in their children, not only in health, but also in behavior, household dealings, intelligence etc. The children’s active role in community activities has inspired their parents to come forward for community work. As the saying goes, “Child is the Father of Man”. 8.After observing the kids at village Dr. Satarkar (head Dr. for the taluka) commented that he has never seen such healthy, enthusiastic children. Related to villagers 9.Confidence of villagers gained for community development activities 10. Ananada Patil a 60 year person, strong addict of wine throughout his life, stopped his habit only after getting educated at Prabhodhan varg. Monthly meal program is getting all villagers together, by the process of coming together; villagers are gradually developing friendly relations amongst themselves and forgetting old quarrels. This is a very significant development and a matter of immense satisfaction for the staff of Venu Madhuri. The result of this is seen in the villagers unanimously deciding their leader as Sarpanch avoiding the process of election. 12. Twenty three households on their own contributed 600 kg of newly harvested rice. 13. Many visitors have expressed their appreciation during the visit. 14.The programs have helped in developing consciousness of the village as one family and inspired the villagers a sprit of voluntarily coming together for community development work. 15. This year meeting of Zilla Parishad regional school teachers was arranged at Ramanwadi. All the other school teachers highly appreciated the on going activities and requested us to start the same at their village school. 16.The community building which is called temple by villagers is maintained by kids and villagers. 17.After every love feast program kids and adults work on their own for cleaning as if it is their own home. This is creating to a very good family atmosphere.





The general objective of VENU MADHURI shall be : to function as a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) to promote integrated, sustainable rural development – (a)that is eco-friendly, socially just, culturallycompatible, efficient & based on traditional, time-tested wisdom, (b)which fosters the highest human values, & (c)which protects the dignity of human & animal, & the sanctity of our environment, & (d)that aims towards local self-sufficiency.



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