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  project name ~ Enterprise Research and Marketing Unit

category ~ livelihood generation




  Project Name


Enterprise Research and Marketing Unit



BCT (Bhavatula Charitable Trust)



livelihood generation






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 3000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Krovvidy


College Park









The focus of ERMU (Enterprise Research and Marketing Unit) is to assist income generating activities for rural SHGs (Self Help Groups). This unit will operate under BCT and benefit from the experiences and
resources of BCT in its functioning. Initially ERMU will identify products with market potential for rural entrepreneurs. Then it will impart necessary training for making the products for the chosen products followed by a hands on pilot study. One of the objectives of
ERMU is to market the products under single brand. This will be achieved by recruiting qualified experts who will help standardize the products. After the pilot study more women will be introduced into the product making phase by scaling up the efforts. Initial set of products chosen by ERMU are based on the existing expertise of
women in the target villages. Gradually new products will be added to this list. The research wing of ERMU will look aggressively to introduce new products with good demand, The operation plan for ERMU projects that the unit will start becoming self-sufficient in a period of two years after introducing 12 products into the market. AID approved a grant of $3000 for a period of two years for this project. AID will also consider additional assistance in the form of a loan if necessary.





the following products are being manufactured. While some of them are past the training stage, others are still being experimented with. a) Food Products: i) Papads (production phase) ii) Pickles (do) iii) Chikki (in the standardization phase) b) Stationery: i) Greeting Cards (production phase); ii) File folders (while being standardized, they are also being produced) iii) Bags (production phase) iv) Screen Printing There are two kinds of bags being manufactured. One is made of canvas and the other is made of cloth. The cloth bags are being produced by a group of disabled girls. The message on the bags (Say No to Plastic Bags; This bag is made by the disabled girls; and a small message about BCT) is being printed by the above women. And so is the message on the canvas bags. The markets for all of the above products are Visakhapatnam and nearby towns.





The first objective of this project is to research into new products, standardise them and test run them so that these products can be taken up for manufacture in micro enterprises by other women. The second objective of the project is to start a continuous production of the products based on the success of the test run, to purchase the finished products from the rural women and market them. While these products are being purchased quality would be tested. Finally, to avoid unhealthy internal competition a market survey would constantly channelise micro entrepreneurial efforts into new markets or product lines.



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