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  project name ~ Rural Technology Resource Center

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


Rural Technology Resource Center



TVSG ( Trust for Village Self-Governance)



rural development and environment






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 6500


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators



Bay Area





-The Soap Making Machinery in Village Kuthambakkam.





i. people-centered (i.e. work with the people based on their local needs, wisdom, resources and skills)

ii. have a built-in feedback mechanism, through which the users of the technology can constantly innovate and modify technologies to address problems they encounter

iii. train the users of the technology in the maintenance of the equipment

iv. train local carpenters and metal workers in making spare parts using local materials

The kind of research and development that the centre will take up research on, development, monitoring and improvisation of

· suitable dead weights to generate required torque (power to twist) for operations like mixing, squeezing and other intermittent operations.

· suitable alternators and dynamos to generate electricity for the village industries.

· how these can be used with suitable gear boxes and engineering mechanisms like hand-pounding and hammering, to heat electric ovens for intermittent applications like in baking, microwaving, electrical cooking.

· other technologies like water harvesting, low-cost housing, other sources of renewable energy, composting, etc.

· constant monitoring, trouble-shooting and innovation





The Technolgy has been built.





To build a techology resource center that will be used to make prototypes/working model of machineries that will be used in village industries. Using less power , using local resources and using eco friendly methods.



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