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  project name ~ Training traditional birth attendants

category ~ family planning




  Project Name


Training traditional birth attendants



Family Planning Association of India



family planning







  Budget Approved


$ 2142


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators



Johns Hopkins










To train 30 local TBAs of 15 tribal villages (Bhandara District) for proper and safe delivery, and educate them on women reproductive and child health issues. The total population is 10,000 and the inhabitants are primarily Gondh tribals. Intend to reduce maternal mortality and neonatal death.

(b) Need:

Government-trained TBAs are old now, and cant conduct safe delivery. The reach of Government machinery is limited and difficult for the needy to avail its services. Nearest district hospital is around 20 kilometers away.
(b) Training program:
Four 5-day workshops will be conducted in a year.
Day 1: Registration, orientation, components of reproductive health.

Day 2: Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system, explaining contents of a safe delivery kit, demo of safe delivery with the help of charts and models.

Day 3: Miscarriage and abortion, complications & their management.

Day 4: Maternal health, pre-natal and post-natal care, breast feeding,immunization, child care & nutrition.

Day 5: Visit to PHC/civil hospital for on-the-spot observation of safe delivery.

Total Budget: $2142 (Rs. 1,02,800 @ Rs48/$)





conducted the first round of workshop and hands on training successfully





reduce maternal and child mortality .



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