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  project name ~ MARAG Education Programme

category ~ relief-gujarat-2001




  Project Name


MARAG Education Programme













  Budget Approved


$ 13000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators












The project involves constructing and running child development
centers in 10 villages in earthquake affected Gujarat (Rapar Taluka,
Kutch district). Work involves constructing the child development
centers, training bal mitras, organizing a parents workshop,
educational materials for the centers and advocacy for better
education facilities in backward areas and a research study on the
educational needs of the area.





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To provide access to education for community and increasing enrolment of children in schools and change perspective of community towards education of children. To explore opportunities for children to grow through education. To advocate and network with government and non-government agencies to enhance status of education in the district. To undertake study to understand status of education in the villages.



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