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  project name ~ Vizhuthu

category ~ literacy and education




  Project Name





TNSF (Tamil Nadu Science Forum)



literacy and education






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 700


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Shrinaath Chidambaram
Ex-Boston Volunter











In early 1999 the TNSF initiated Primary School Teacher Networks to provide a forum for the teachers through which they could communicate and share professional ideas and experiences.
"Vizhuthu" is the members magazine for this network. There are no subscription rate for the magazine as it s intended to be given to anyone who decides to participate in the Teacher Network. Leftover copies are sent as complimentary issues to people interested in education to help promote and expand the program.
The magazine is not a resource book for the teachers in the traditional sense of having specific teaching tips and information on current government schemes. Instead it is a forum for teachers to share ideas and experiences, to talk about an innovative way they have overcome a certain challenge that one of their students had, or a funny anecdote from their classroom, or just an interesting story.





At present there are approximately 750 members (80% government school teachers) in this network that has an overall objective of strengthening primary education in Tamil Nadu especially in the rural areas.





For the immediate future the goal is to double the membership this year (through an expansion of the network). As time goes on and the concept catches on, the hope is that the teachers will begin to use it to communicate back and forth and help to discuss commonly felt challenges from different angles and experiences. It is also possible that with the expansion of the 100 block plan and the establishment of the Village Information Centers (VIC) the newsletter can go on-line and take on a more inter-active, multi-media (and free!) life.



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