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  project name ~ Drought Relief, Recharging Wells

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


Drought Relief, Recharging Wells



Anandi (Area Networking and Development Initi..



rural development and environment



Panchmahal, Dahod




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$ 3927


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Bay Area





Rain Roof Water Harvesting structure being constructed at Khojalvasa village, Shehera Taluka, Panchmahaals, Gujarat ANANDI with financial support from AID, Bay Area.






Natural calamities have struck Gujrat repeatedly in the last two years of which the recent catastrophic earthquake has drawn humanitarian response from all over the world. The work performed by ANANDI has
been concentrated in 60 villages with a population of over one lakh in the three talukas of shehera Devgadh Baria and Goghamba. In these villages, apart from the awareness raising, health education for the entire communities, we intensively support over 150 self help groups of women and 10 of men which draw membership from 2700 of the poorest families in the region to become self-reliant and meet basic needs.


Funds needed for deepening 50 existing wells and recharging 20 wells.

Project report is unavailable at the moment. Please Contact AID for more information



Funds needed for deepening 50 existing wells and recharging 20 wells."The area has average rainfall, but good surface water and poor ground water. "Govt. provides water by tankers. However women find this an unviable option since the houses are spread over large areas, with most of them being unconnected to road (and so tankers cannot make it there). "Deepening of wells which are shallow would serve dual purpose
of meeting immediate water needs of the community as well improve the value of the assets that the marginalised hold.

Following is done.

" Identify families/ hamlets that do not have an assured source of drinking water. " Identify the potential sources of water that would require minimal investment to get assured source of water, in consultation with the other community members. " lists are consolidated in the cluster meetings " Seek information from the govt. departments on their plans and provide information gathered on needs "

Prioritize sources to be rejunevated from the first list with broader consultation with the community based on feasibility of water availability. " Impartial assessment of survey, assess community preparedness for participation.

Following needs to be done.

Obtain written guarantees from the well owner over usufructuary (A person who has the use of property and reaps the profits of it) rights on water " Seek assistance for the project - AID " Deepen wells and
start construction of well recharge structures.





Project completed successfully. Many more wells were deepened and recharged than orginially planned for. Instead of two rainwater harvesting demonstration structures only one could be completed.





" Provide 1704 members of 105 Self help groups with credit from Devgadh Mahila Sanghatan to set up a grain bank. The grain banks were able to provide 162 tonnes of grains on credit to members. " Ensure drinking water for the most affected hamlets by providing technical and partial financial support for deepening wells in 17 hamlets/ faliyas. " Provide surveys of non- functional handpumps to the Water supply department, to ensure that handpumps were repaired/ installed in the most needy hamlets. " Health education and health services coordinated with the local primary health care centres. " Assist pregnant women to avail of the cash doles announced by the Govt. by arranging for relevant certificates and following it up with the relevant govt. departments. " Deepened and repaired 134 wells of which 35 fell in the Shehera block. " Demonstrated 11 well recharge structures in Ghoghamba and Baria blocks which have shown good results in harvesting rainwater. " Cost of deepening 50 wells by 8- 10 feet (Rs. 2500/- a well) = Rs. 1, 25, 000 " " Contribution towards Labour cost for clearing debris* = Rs. 1, 25, 000 " Recharging of 20 wells(~ Rs. 1500 per well) = Rs. 30,000 " Demonstration of Rain roof water harvesting = Rs. 40, 000 (@ Rs. 1000 per litre/- 20, 000 per RRWHS) " Technical assistance for recharging = Rs. 10,000 " Programme monitoring (by pani samiti) = Rs. 10, 000 " Operational cost and overheads (10% of project cost) = Rs. 21,500 " Professional fees( for audit of accounts) Rs. 2,000 Total: = Rs 3,63, 500 " Local contribution( People s) = Rs. 1,25, 000 "Amount to be raised for the project** Rs. 2,38, 500 * This may be obtained as peoples contribution. ** Anandi recently received Rs. 50,000 towards this project from International



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