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  project name ~ childcare hospital

category ~ health care - adult




  Project Name


childcare hospital



MTSS (Mangrol Taluka Sarvodaya Seva Samiti)



health care - adult







  Budget Approved


$ 2000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Phoram Mehta


Kansas City









Present population of Mangrol is about 65000 and there are about one lac people in near by villages in the raidus of 20 kms. All these villages depend on Mangrol for their daily requirements and other necessities. There ar emany doctors and few hospitals in Mangrol. But there is no facility for children ailments. In major ailments of children, one has to go to Junagadh, Porbandar and veraval, etc. There is a post of children specialist docotr in the government hospital but it remains vacant sinc elast 8 years. So mangrol needs one children hospital which can treat right from initial stage to final recovery stage. So we ar eplanning for one exclusive child hospital.We intend to start initallay with 5 beds.We need one, C.M>O, Assistant doctor, nurses, sweeper, dressers etc. Labs and X-ray departments and sonography facility, o.p.d can examine 100 children daily and can manage to admit needy patients. AID will help in the initial construction of the building since the NGO has managed to get donations form different sources for other requirments.





NGO has secured funding to start the construction which starts in Fall of 2004. They are also talking with doctors and other staff regarding other requirements and have started their recruiting efforts.





Hospital building that can hold 5 beds to start with and is capable of expanding to 15/20 beds in the future.



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