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  project name ~ Food grain relief, temporary shelters and health care

category ~ relief and rehabilitation




  Project Name


Food grain relief, temporary shelters and health care



Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Center



relief and rehabilitation



nandurbar, jhabua etc




  Budget Approved


$ 13000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators



College Park
Bay Area





Children of Jeevanshala in the middle of submergence in Narmada valley (July 2003). Much worse is expected in 2004.





Health intervention in the nandurbar , jhabua and other districts of the narmada valley and distribution of food grains during monsoon floods. In addition, Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Centre has begun providing relief to the people most affected by submergence and are stranded without any relief or rehabilitation. Tarpaulin sheets to provide a temporary shelter in the beating rains for those whose houses get washed away, foodgrains are needed most urgently for those adivasi families that have not gotten any compensation or very little crop-loss compensation ad show lands have been submerged for several year with no sight of rehabilitation. This is not just a problem that can be handled by one organization and another group the Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan is similarly working on implementing a relief program. This relief program for those most severely affected by submergence is called the Jansahyog program because we are appealing to the people and civil society at large to help by making donations of about Rs5000-6000 that can provide food-grains to a family for 6 months or purchase tarpaulins to shelter families or provide medical and other needed relief help.





Periodic check-ups and treatment to Jeevanshala children (not in all schools), disbursement of simple medicines for ample patients through teachers, a few health camps as well as voluntary services by teams of medical practitioners





The region in the Narmada Valley has problems of sickle cell anaemia, gastroentritis and current problems of accidents like snake bites, crocodile bites, and accidents due to silting which all add to the increase in health hazards in the area.To carry out a combined preventive aqnd curative approach towards solving the health problems - since the primary health care centers do not function well. This will involve running health camps for information dissemination, training health workers, carrying out referral services, organizing mobile health camps, and diagonostic services.



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