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  project name ~ Community Health Program

category ~ health care and family planning




  Project Name


Community Health Program



Mandra Lions Club



health care and family planning






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


$ 4000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators



College Park









The program targets two specific issues
a. comunity health with special emphais on womens reproductive healtha nd child health through camps, information dissemination, awarenss geenration and access to basic material
b. war on malaria which is a big threat to the tribal communites health in the area





The NGO has been targeting malaria through pilot programs and were funded by GTZ germany. But it is critical now tot arget the program in a large sense to cover all the villages now.





From the proposed community health program, the organization will give stress on two main health issues Malaria and Reproductive health concerned to the adolescent girls, women of the tribal communities in Ayodhya hill areas. These two health issues deliberately needed services for those neglected, deprived and backward rural peoples. From the proposed program the organization has expected some specific outputs through appropriate health planning and service delivery system. The expected outputs will be ? Considering malaria as a massive disease, through this program malaria can be reduced in a certain rate. ? Community action will be improved through this proposed program. ? Capacity of the rural women will be developed through adequate health meetings, door to door campaign, awareness generation and necessary training programs regarding said health issues. ? Rural women should understand the essentiality of the health services. ? Health education for adolescent girls and rural mothers should improve the perceptions regarding reproductive age, specific health problems and preventive & curative measures for coping up various health problems. ? The proposed program should be run on the basis of sustainability, and to see the conditions of the projected rural places, it is necessary to continue this program at least five years duration for achieving fixed goals on various health issues.



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