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  project name ~ Natural Farming

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


Natural Farming



Hulikadu Natural Farming



rural development and environment







  Budget Approved


$ 2300


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Madhavi Vuppalapati










The project aims at establishing a Sustainable Agricultural Farm - which is being designed as an Agroforest habitat capable of meeting most needs of the community. Main focus is around the development of agricultural practices which include soil and water conservation, collection and growing of traditional varieties of seeds, complete recycling of organic residues for enriching soil fertility, mixed cropping etc.,. Towards this they are integrating the techniques of Permaculture, Natural farming, in addition to the traditional practices of this region, which will require minimum of external inputs.










Minor millets, which are hardy and less demanding on soil and more nutritious were commonly grown by farmers earlier. We are concentrating on production and consumption of minor millets, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Towards the building up of the soil fertility, the attempt is on to develop green manuring and composting techniques. In order to achieve this, it is being planned to establish trees suited for this within the land. Nursery raising is being taken up to grow the saplings needed for planting in the area. Apart from this, attempts are being made to collect the seeds of traditional crop varieties. We plan to preserve and promote them in the long run. In the process of developing the farming techniques mentioned above, it is also planned to explore ways to build awareness among local people about the importance of soil fertility and ecologically sound farming practices. Promotion of composting, green manuring and non-chemical pest control methods to enable shift to organic methods by reducing the dependence on chemical inputs. We are also trying out building and construction work with mud and other locally available materials.



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