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  project name ~ Cancer Awareness Project

category ~ health care - adult




  Project Name


Cancer Awareness Project



Vasantha Memorial Trust



health care - adult






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 1000


  Year Approved







1   2   3  

  Chapter Coordinators



Bay Area










Vasantha Memorial Trust is working towards creating a widespread awareness about Cancer. Their awareness campaign mainly tragets adults with photographs, presentations and literary materials. Through this project, they want to improve their already existing methods by showing films to the villagers. They have requested a VCD projector for the same.





Over the 9 years it has sponsored 90 patients with cancer, conducted over 40 detection camps & most importantly created awareness in the community at large. It is has learnt that if at all the war against cancer has to be won Awareness is to be created. In the last 2 years it has stressed on this aspect.47000 school children are now aware about the perils of tobacco use. Nearly10,000 women have learnt the basics about breast cancer & breast self exam .Over 100women spontaneously underwent mammograms! The trust desires to reach this program to the grass root level





It is very clear from its experience that there is lack of Awareness in the Community at large & resulting in late detection of cancer & unnecessary deaths. Through this project we aim to educate the Community through a person whom they know closely or their representative.



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