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  project name ~ TNSF Village Libraries

category ~ education - child




  Project Name


TNSF Village Libraries



TNSF (Tamil Nadu Science Forum)



education - child






Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 5500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Kavita Karandikar











This proposal envisages the creation of a village library network targeting 2000 villages and 4,00,000 people in TamilNadu. This project is a part of a 4 phase strategy by the Makkal Palli Iyakkam to have low cost village libraries by creating 2 page stories for children instead of buying expensive books. With the support of volunteers to create and distribute content, stories, activities and current affairs which can be produced regularly and printed in a single A4 sheet paper will be distributed in the target villages. Reusable plastic folders can be provided so that the stories can be protected from wear and tear during reading.

The first phase targets 40 clusters of 50 villages each. With the help of a village activist 16 transparent plastic folders will be provided to each of these libraries.

Based on the response of the different villages to this program, the best functioning libraries from the first phase will be selected for second, third and fourth phase programs that incorporate more activities, video and toy libraries, book-reading, dramas, slide screening, slide screening etc.










1. To create a sustainable library and media network which pro-actively reaches out to people all over the state. The starting scale should be in the order of 1000 villages and in its full-fledged form the network should directly reach out to at least 10,000 villages and should be able to run entirely on locally generated funds. 2. To ensure continuous production of progressive educational materials - both Reading and Visual materials. These should be low-cost, high-quality materials so that a wide section will not only read it, but will be willing to also buy it.



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