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  project name ~ Srikakulam Integrated Development 2004-05

category ~ rural development and environment




  Project Name


Srikakulam Integrated Development 2004-05



AID Maharashtra



rural development and environment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 11000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Komudi Singh












AID India has six chapters in India at present and works directly in vairous grassroot developmental projects, often in association with local NGO’s. This particular project aims at the integrated village developement in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. AID India joined the efforts of Mr. Suryanarayana and Varalakshmi from 1999-2000, who returned to their native village Tholapi from Vishakhapatnam and took up developmental work for this neglected district.

Earlier various AID chapters have funded project in this region. For the year 2004-2005, the four AID US chapters – Columbus, Ann Arbor, Tempe and San Diego – funded $11,000 in all for the continuation of the older intiatives along with several new initiatives. Broad range of issues covering health and sanitation, education, women’s empowerment, water issues, electricity, etc are covered in this project.





i) Pakka houses with brick and cement built for the people whose huts were lost in a fire. ii) Village specific decision making initiated by villagers themselves. For instance, deepenking tanks, drinking water well, bullock cart for desilting, etc iii) Electricity connections provided to poor people. Loans given to villagers with 100% repayment rate so far! iv) Kitchen Garderns to grow house specific vegetables, Vermicomposting,Organic farming encouraged. v) Children run children’s libraries. vi) Assessing malnutrition problems among kids aged between 0-5 yrs. Counselling parents about providing good food. More work in progress. vii) Village products – encouraging jute products, khadi products. Suchi a washing powder has been successfully marketed locally. Better marketing strategies are being envisioned.





Broad goals of the project are (i) To understand the challenges and create a process of dialogue within the village to address them (ii) To develop activities based on the discussion and forge a path of integrated development (iii) To understand developmental policies and link the villages to other efforts and struggles



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