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  project name ~ Land Acquisition Book

category ~ peoples rights




  Project Name


Land Acquisition Book



AID Maharashtra



peoples rights







  Budget Approved


$ 250


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Nishant Jain
Ashish Bhutada











Kishor Kurhekar has written a book called "Bhoomi Sampadan Adhiniyam 1894: Arthauhal" (Land Acquisition Act 1894- An Interpretation). The book explains the law of Land Acquisition in simple Marathi, the local language of Maharashtra. The book also contains information on all issues relevant to Land Acquisition.





The book is being sold at Rs. 200/-, which is to bear production cost of the book. Moreover it is being sold at a concessional rate of Rs 125/- to the project affected people, which is below the production cost. Kishor has himself borned the difference and since the book has been published in public interest, he requests Rs 10,000 cover this loss, so he can print more copies with the money.





The main purpose of this project to provide the subsidize the initial distribution of the book, so it can get exposure and hopefully be widely adopted and distributed by NGOs* and other concerned groups. It is a comprehensive handbook on the subject and probably the first of its kind. Since many people affected by this Act are mostly ignorant layman, this book will prove immensely helpful to them.



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