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CHORD (Child Welfare and Holistic Organisatio..



education - child



Hyderabad, AP



Andhra Pradesh

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Abhyaas is the second stage education point for the child labourers in their academic journey with CHORD. After being mainstreamed and after completing class seven the children are admitted into project Abhyaas which prepares them for class 10 and also imparts them vocational training to make them self reliant.

The Purpose of Project Abhyaas
The principle aim of project Aashirwad is to prepare the child for 7th class board exam which is a primary bench mark qualification for any child. However after passing the 7th class exam mainstreaming these children into social welfare hostels or neighborhood government schools has not yeilded the desired results allover the state in the past. Because of lack of follow up, individual attention and joyful learning atmosphere in the government hostels and schools these children are invariably dropping out of school and are going back to work. This dropout problem is proving to be very painful and ungainly experience for the simple reason that 3 years of focused attention, time, resources and energy on these child labourers is turning into colossal waste when the child doesnt go past class seven.

Therefore in order to overcome this long standing and vexatious dropout problem Chord has launched this experimental residential secondary bridge school which prepares the child for the more important and gainful S.S.C qualification which will make them eligible for employment. Chord also intend to impart vocational skills to these children during the 2 years of their long-term bridge school tenure to give value addition to their S.S.C qualification. This project aptly named "Abhyaas" where in these children are straight away admitted into class IX under Andhra Pradesh Open School society curriculum in the first year and go on to complete S.S.C exam the following year. During these two years technical education leading to certificate will be imparted in the spheres of type writing, basic computer applications, stenography, photocopying, tailoring and photography.





1. This year 19 mainstreamed children will be appearing class X board exam from project Abhyaas. 2. On 14 th Nov 2004 (Children''s day) four children from Abhyaas project have received special certificates of merit through the hands of our Hon''ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for their outstanding performance in the class VII board exams for the year 2003-04. This event has received wide coverage in the media. 3. A new residential bridge school for one hundred industrial child laborers have been launched in Jeedimetla, quatubullapur mandal recently with partial support from National Child Labor Project. 4. One of the children from the Abhyaas project, Mr. N. Srinivas has been selected to receive advanced level-III training under the noted choreographer Shiamak Dhavar. 5. 22 children have passed class VII board exam with distinction.





Residential Secondary Bridge School and Vocational Training Centre for mainstreamed children. The aim of this project is to prepare students for class 10 and also impart vocational training to make them self-reliant.



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