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  project name ~ Earthquake Relief

category ~ relief-gujarat-2001




  Project Name


Earthquake Relief



Gramya Vikas Trust










  Budget Approved


$ 21000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Ravi Devarasetty











Gramya Vikas Trust - Established in 1986, GVT operates in nearly 50 villages in Okhamandal taluka of Jamnagar district in Gujarat. The onslaught of salinity from the sea has made the land and wells utterly useless, depriving people of their cultivable land and even drinking water. Under the capable leadership of Prof. Dungarbha Ker, GVT has been able to demonstrate successfully the path of development
based on grass-root participation and appropriate technology.

Some aspects and proposed benefits of the project is provided here. Some 53 hectares of land owned by 43 farmers will be irrigated and erosion of soil will be prevented by the Percolation tanks at Vasai,
Juni Dhrevad and Lovrari. The water table is also expected to come up. The project aims to build 20 underground water tank at Vaghrivaas, Varvala. Taking the average rainfall at 30 cms and roof area of 26.64 sqm of 2 houses, some 8,000 litres of rainwater will be
harvested and stored in one tank at the minimum. And thus total of 1,60,000 litres of water will be stored in 20 tanks i.e. 39 houses + 1 community center. This stored water will only be used for drinking purpose. It is so proposed that the underground water tank will be
used as Verandah by the inhabitants and therefore it is proposed to provide a roof with wooden supports and Mangalore tiles. The top of the tank will have a heavy manhole cover so that it would be safe for the residents to use the tank as a veranda. Additionally many skilled
as well as unskilled labourers will get work on the above projects.





Response from the NGO: 1. Percolation tank has already been dug and an earthen bund surrounding the tank measuring 150m. with a breadth of 11.50m. at the bottom and 2.50m. at the top and height of 3.9m. has been completed and the stones for pitching of the 150m. long bund of 3m. height have been mined. Construction of a waste weir of 20m. length is in progress. Total of 1650 cubic m. of earthwork has been done and an expenditure of Rs. 56,050/- has been incurred so far. Further work is in progress. 2. Work of providing 40 water harvesting underground tanks in Zavernagar area of Village Varvala is in progress. Each tank is on 1.85m. length, 1.85m. breadth, and 1.80m. depth with a capacity to store 6160 liters of water. The bottom of the tank has been provided with concrete and RCC slab is to be put on the top with a provision for cast iron manhole. 26 tanks have been dug and construction work completed. Slab work is in progress and digging up of 10 more tanks out of the 14 remaining tanks is complete and its construction will be started now.





This project proposes to construct/repair percolation tanks and underground water tank. It is worthwhile to mention that GVT has been very successful with their water harvesting techniques in this hard soiled, saline region.



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