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  project name ~ Health Center

category ~ health care - adult




  Project Name


Health Center



NEN (North East Network)



health care - adult







  Budget Approved


Rs 200000


  Year Approved







1   2   3   4  

  Chapter Coordinators


Tulika Narayan


College Park





Anurita Pathak, coordinator of NEN and health workers sharing a joke in the health center at Dharikathi.





The project was first received by AID in 1999 to set up a Health Center on land donated by the villagers of Dharikathi Assam. The health center activities were to be centered around seven health workers who had been active in the village as motivators. The project provided funding for the training and exposure of workers and for the medicines.





A functioning health center has been established in Dharikathi. It is run primarily by seven local health workers with intermittent support from NEN workers. The health clinic provides primary care and is also the center of many other activities including workshops, gatherings and children''s education.





The project aimed to provide primary health care services for the village of Dharikathi from where the nearest Primary Health Center was very far away. This health center was to address the problem of womens'' health which was identified as a big problem in the region after a survey conducted by NEN.



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