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  project name ~ Odanadi

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  Project Name





Odanadi Seva Samsthe



community empowerment







  Budget Approved


$ 6000


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Aid Kansas


Kansas City










Odanadi is constructing a shelter, Madilu, for providing residential care and rehabilitation of children rescued from flesh trade. The funds requested are to complete the building. Also, the funding sources for food for the children will last another 1-2 months. Therefore the remaining funds requested are for food for the children.





As of Oct 2004, ( Short Term achievements) The building structure and roof have been completed. Outside and inside plastering of building, one coat of patti, fitted window frames, fitted doors, 70% plumbing, over-head watertanks purchased, septic tank have all been complete. Long Term achievements. Odanadi has been a registered trust in Mysore for the last 12 years and has been working for the rescue, rehabilitationand enpowerment of victims of commercial sexual exploitation. In addition, Odanadi runs a home for the children of sex workers and children rescued from trafficking. odanadi is working to make the children self reliant through education and vocational training. So far, more than 100 families have been brought back to the mainstream.





Short Term Goals Provide a safe and supportive environment to the victim. Provide training and skill development in different vocations. Set up a library, recreational center, production center Provide counselling to parents and relatives of victim. Provide residential rehabilitation for HIV/AIDs and STD victims. Odanadi has some primary objectives ( Long Term). 1. To prevent women and children from being trafficked for unlawful and immoral purposes. 2. To organize the prostituted into a vocal group that would fight explitation and facilitate their enpowerment and rehabilitation. 3. To create a mass movement against trafficking. 4. To make the children of exploited women integrate with the mainstream and make them self-reliant through counseling, education and vocational training. 5. To rescue the women and children in the flesh trade and to expose the nexus. 6. To combat child labor including domestic slavery.



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