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  project name ~ Data Cards Proposal

category ~ microcredit




  Project Name


Data Cards Proposal



AID Chennai









Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 104000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Madhavi Vuppalapati










In a nutshell, the proposal is for developing a small handheld device called data cards. This will be used by self-help savings groups to enter data which otherwise is written in registers. Currently, since the amount of data is so much (almost 2 lakh entry pieces per month), all this data does not get entered into the computer and it is hard to keep track of all the data. These cards will be available later at a very low cost of Rs. 500/card (the trial cards will be given out for free in phase I). Monthly saving amounts, loans taken, interest etc will be entered into these data cards and it will be easy to transfer data from these cards to the computer with the USB port in the card itself.










these cards can be used not only for savings groups, but a slight modification in the design will make it usable for keep track of health status of individuals (women and children, importantly) in the village, it can be used for library transaction records, for ration cards and much more. The project has two main phases: in the first phase 20 cards will be made and distributed and will be tested in the field. There will be a full time field coordinator and programmer who will help with technical issues. The budget is Rs. 1,04,000 for this phase. In the next phase 400 cards will be manufactured and the budget is Rs. 3,06,000.



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