"Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another..."

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  project name ~ Samaj Shilpi

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  Project Name


Samaj Shilpi



RIM (Rejuvenate India Movement)



rural development and environment







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Srinivas Krovvidy


College Park





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Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM), has been conceived as a peaceful peoples movement. One of its primary programs is called Samaj Shilpi program. Samaj Shilpis are RIM volunteers that live in villages with villagers and play the role of a catalyst, mingle with the community, build and strengthen peoples organisations. AID is supporting two such volunteers in Rajasthan area.





The participation of local NGOs who are already working in the field is essential to the success of the effort. For the past year, 65 volunteers have been hard at work in 100 villages and their work is impacting 30000 villagers. The volunteers are motivating the villagers to work cooperatively to develop their villagers. AID has been collaborating with RIM on their Samaj Shilpis efforts in Rajasthan Palana Khurd village (http://www.india-movement.org/national/rajasthan/villages/palana_khurd.htm) is situated at a distance of about 45-km east of Udaipur city. The village consists of 10 hamlets spread over 1052 hectares of undulated terrain. The names of the hamlets are: Palana Khurd proper, Jharna, Talai, Gada ki Magari, Valra, Suthardih, Suthariya, Lalawas, Dangion ka Kheda, Rampuriya. People here are either Hindus or tribals. The hamlets are multi-caste with Bhils, Gayaris, Dangis and Rajputs. All of them speak Mewari. As per the census figures, the village has a population of 2209 with 495 households. Mr. Bhanwar Singh Rathore (http://www.india-movement.org/national/rajasthan/volunteers/bhanwar_rathore.htm) is the Samaj Shilpi working in 6 of these hamlets: Jharna, Talai, Gada ki Magari, Valra, Suthardih, Suthariya. Mr. Bhanwar Singh Rathore is engaged intensively in drought relief work in this region over the past couple of years. The work mainly takes the form of road construction and repair. He has also worked to provide fodder and medicines for animals, and for fair distribution thereof. Mr. Chenaram Bhil is another Samaj Shilpi working in the Rajasmand District. Kamboda village (http://www.india-movement.org/national/rajasthan/villages/kamboda.htm) is situated at a distance of about 95 km north of Udaipur city. It is composed of 14 hamlets scattered across an undulated hilly terrain in the Aravali range. Of the 14 hamlets, 6 have been covered by Chenaram Bhil. He started his work in the area in November 2000. The hamlets associated with RIM are: Malawada, Sitala ki Ghati, Oglat ki Bhagal, Kolar ki Bhagal, Ambali ka Bhilwara, Khuma ka Matara. In the RIM hamlets, the population is primarily Bhils. The total population of the area is around 629 with 129 households. The village has a primary school. The area is drought prone. The common sources of potable water are a well and a handpump. In addition to helping with drought relief work, Chena Ramji has also been involved in other development work such as lobbying for money from the MPLAD scheme for school construction, and holding public hearings ("Jan Sunvais") in collaboration with the MKSS ( http://www.indiatogether.org/media/articles/aroy1002.htm) to expose public corruption. Chena Ramji is the secretary of Dharga Kshatriya Vikas Samithi, an autonomous organization of the Bhils in the Kumbalgarh area. They are active with many activities to alleviate social problems among the Bhils.





Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM) is a network of organizations and individuals working together for Indias development. The goal: is to catalyze a mass movement to strengthen democratic processes toward self-reliant development. RIM works by sponsoring volunteers who work full-time in a village on the felt needs of the villagers. The volunteers are selected and trained by the Coordinating NGOs, and work under their close supervision.



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