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  project name ~ Srikakulum Rural Electrification

category ~ community empowerment




  Project Name


Srikakulum Rural Electrification



AID Maharashtra



community empowerment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


$ 1600


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators



San Diego










The project provides a loan to the poorest people in Srikakulum to obtain an electric connection to their households. The project starts with an inital goal of ~60 households. The repayed loan will be circulated within the community to provide electricity to other households.





The project is now considered complete.Future project updates will be combined with the Srikakulum Integrated Development Project (project ID 154) Project Follow-Up Update from Ravi - Jul''04 The closeness to the poorest resulted in discussion on electricity and we created awareness on the kerosene costs that families without electricity incurred for oil lamps. This turned out to be about Rs 33 a month (for 3 litres of kerosene) as against the electricity charge of Rs 35-40 a month for the neighbors that consumed 20 units per month of electricity and were having a tube-light and fan (and in some cases also a black and white TV). A problem we encountered was that though it should cost only about Rs 545 to get the initial connection and metre (and about Rs 300 for SC/ST families) rampant corruption resulted in charges of about Rs 1200-1500. The lineman in Santakavita mandalam who openly admitted his own share of bribe-money informed us to consult the AE’s office to get the bribe waived. Several meetings and threat of dharna finally resulted in the Electricity providers in Santakavita mandalam agreeing to provide electricity connections without bribes for the poorest who want these connections and apply through AID-India. AID-India announced a loan of about Rs 245 per family repayable in under a year. In batches of 20 or so people are applying for electricity connections and so far in 4 months about 50 connections and meters have been obtained by the village people for their huts. The first 20 hut-ments have repaid the loans they have taken fully. Several not-poor people have also approached AID-India to be included in the electricty lists. We haven’t done so because of greater admin work and also loss of focus on the poorest as well as to keep the relations with the electricity department which is always trying to find a way to question our lists on the grounds that they may not be the poorest people. We are instead advising the not-poor people to form a group and to stop paying the bribes and go together and seek the connections. Another advantage of making a group is that we have got better deals for the internal wiring and plugpoints and tube-lights which also is an expense of a few hundred rupees that the poor people incurred while switching from oil lamps to electricity. In Ponduru Mandalam on the other hand we have had no bribe-problem to begin with. We have targeted about 100 connections this year. The new electricity policy’s implementation by the state government has to also be seen in how the program proceeds on the ground. Since repayments are happening and can be circulated for new loans for electric-metres no more funds are needed this year for this program.





1) To provide electricity and thereby empower the poorest households in Srikakulum 2) To obtain useful data about the ability of the poor to repay loans at a nominal rate of interest



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