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  project name ~ CJWS Tsunami Relief & Rehabilitation

category ~ rehab-tsunami-2004




  Project Name


CJWS Tsunami Relief & Rehabilitation



Chaitanya Jyothi Welfare SocietyAID Maharashtra









Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 4839200


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators



San Diego









The project aims to revive income generation/ employment in 7 tsunami affected villages in Nellore district.

The local economies in these villages are heavily dependent on fishing activities - fishing, selling fish in local and nearby markets. Boats and fishing nets have been damaged by the tsunami, so fishing and related income generation has come to a standstill. Government promised relief has not yet been provided - compensation has been limited to foodgrains so far.

The proposal is to set up a revolving fund to provide need-based loans of ~ Rs 5000 to 900 families in these villages. The loans are initially expected to be used to repair boats, fishing nets and other equipment so that fishing activities can resume.

The loans will be administered by 25 women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) formed by CJWS. As the loans are repaid in installments second and third-round loans may be provided to other needy families in these villages.

It is expected that the loans will be paid back in 1.5-2 years and the money will be returned to AID-India. AID-India will be playing an active role in defining how this repaid money will be used. This money will likely be used for capacity building of the SHGs so that they can take up more income generation/developmental activities or to directly support developmental activites in the region.





25 women SHGs have been formed by CJWS





- Resumption of employment/ income generation activities in 7 villages in Nellore district. This will be done through formation of a revolving fund to disburse need-based loans. eg. loans to repair damaged boats, nets, etc. - Establishment of women SHGs to administer the loans. This was completed by CJWS early in the proposal phase. - Empowering women in the villages by providing them a stronger role in decision-making (through the SHGs). This will challenge the existing power structures in the villages where women do not have much of a voice. - Repayment of loans over 1.5-2 years to AID-India after second and third round loans. Having to repay the loans will motivate the people to pressurize the government to provide the compensation that was promised to them. - Longterm use of funds to support developmental activities in the region either directly or through the SHGs. AID-India to have a significant role in defining how the money will be used after 2 years.



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