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  project name ~ AID-Asha Fun ''''''''n'''''''' Learn Toys Project

category ~ relief-tsunami-2004




  Project Name


AID-Asha Fun ''''''''n'''''''' Learn Toys Project












Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


$ 12500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators












In the Tsunami affected villages, some children have lost both parents, while others have lost one. Currently they are being taken care of by their relatives and neighbors. Still others are lucky to have both. All survivors have been psychologically affected, most also have physical injuries (being worked on separately by govt and various NGOs including AID, NAPM, Bharati Trust).

Due to the various requirements and paperwork the government requires to get any relief supplies, large numbers of the parents and guardians have to go in search of these documents or govt officials. So a lot of children are left to their own devices. The volunteers working on counseling them (AID, Bharati Trust) have identified that without any toys, the psychological rehabilitation of these children is being hampered. The kids need to be engaged and refocused. They need toys and education kits immediately.

Several volunteers in AID as well as Asha have been researching and developing high quality education kits that can be deployed on a massive scale quickly.
These Education/Sports kits (aka Fun n Learn Toy Chests) can be assembled at $100 per kit including about several joyful books as well as several sports materials (including football, rubber balls, cricket bats, rings, puzzles, Frisbee, tangrams, pattern blocks, beads and laces etc.).





Distributed 33 kits in KK, Nagai, Kanchipuram, and Vizhipuram.





A total of 300 kits will be distributed in tsunami affected areas(150 in villages where AID is working and 150 in villages where Asha will be working).



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