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  project name ~ Prasanna Saligram Saathiship

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  Project Name


Prasanna Saligram Saathiship



AID Chennai










  Budget Approved


Rs 172000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Leena Ranade


College Park










Prassana Saligram is an AID Volunteer in Bangalore and has been involved actively with AID in the past 3 years.
He plans to work for AID India - mainly in Karnataka and the Saathiship is a fellowship for travel and living expenses during visits.

Prassana has been involved with Peoples health movement (PHM) and has also actively participated in the activisim against the Patents Bill and is the chief coordinator for the right to health campaign in India.. He was also coordinating Tsunami relief efforts in Bangalore.

The Saathiship is for the year 2005-6, Prassana plans to extend the HBP plan in Karnataka including his current work on health awareness with a focus on HIV/ AIDS in a tribal village in Karanataka.
In feb 2007,leena ranade met with prasanna in bombay.We discussed the agriculture proj,& LEISA with DR DATYE & others.Prasanna gave me an update on the karnataka peoples health movement & his work on patent issues.
Leena has been in touch with him on email atleast once per mth.He has sent a detailed update.
leena ranade





Presently involved in 4 main activities. 1. We have a Right to Health Campaign as part of PHM Karnataka (Janaarogya Andolana) in which we are concentating on action regarding the rejuvenation of the Primary Health Centers. 2. The other as u can know from my blog ( http://leisa-n-nrega.blogspot.com) I am involved in the whole issue of Natural Resource Management intervention alongwith Datye. This intervention covers the issues of mainstreaming organic farming, food security, livelihood and then leading onto renewable energies with entitlements to the landless and since there are entitlements involved, indirectly empowering the people to use the Gram Sabha ( working as an incentive to come to the Gram Sabhas) to demand that NREGA be given to them for thier capacity building to do asset creation, natural resource rejuvenation, bioenergy, agro -forestry etc., This Blog was specifically to give a direction to AID''''''''s efforts in the Natural Resource Management sector at a time when there is a move within AID to move from a Project mode to Programmatic mode. There have also been encouraging developments on the NREGA and RTI sectors in this regard. 3. My work on the whole issue of Globalisation, Trade and Health under which Patents, Data Exclusivity etc., come in is still continuing. You can find some of the Data Exclusivity related stuff in the blog that I have created http://data-exclusivity.blogspot.com. 4. Finally my grassroots action with HRFDL on the Health Intervention in the 2 blocks and bringing HBP to Karnataka with more on the Health Rights through the Community Health Worker(CHW).





To provide Saathiship (Fellowship) to Prasanna Shaligram - AID Bangalore full time volunteer.



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