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  project name ~ Ph 1 - BTS Health Care Project

category ~ health care - adult




  Project Name


Ph 1 - BTS Health Care Project



BTS (Baikunthapur Tharun Sangha)



health care - adult



South 24 Paraganas



West Bengal

  Budget Approved


$ 4000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Madhulika Yalamanchi












Existing Health Care Condtions: Backward with no internal communications and no primary health clinic (PHC) in the area. River water route to carry the patients to distant health care with the cost of about Rs 800.

The project aims to improve the health care conditions in the area by providing the curative and preventive services at reasonable cost to the villagers. The sustenance of the clinic will be through family health card system, which will enable people to use the clinic services for free. The family health card itself costs Rs.288 and is valid for an year

AID-Austin approved $4000 for the recurring costs of the clinic and establishment of the revolving medicine bank.

The project started in October 2002
Coordinators: Chandrika, Madhulika, Aparajita





The clinic was established with 1 doctor. The village health activists were identified and training is in progress. PSS (pariwar swastya sangha) units were formed. These units help in dissemination of health information and facilitate the discussions. The revolving medicine bank has been established. Will need more funds for its sustenance Awareness generated about the family health card. .





(a) Establish a health clinic to provide basic preventive and curative health care services. (b) Establish a mobile boat to provide emergency care at 60% of existing cost to patients to transfer them to main PHCs and (c) Establish sustenance of the project without external aid.



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