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  project name ~ Forum for Affirmative Action on Violence against Women

category ~ community empowerment




  Project Name


Forum for Affirmative Action on Violence against Women






community empowerment







  Budget Approved


$ 3500


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  Chapter Coordinators


Shrish Paranjpe
Vijay Venkatraman












This project (Dakhal) will focus on creating a gender sensitive villages of Gangapur Block of Aurangabad District. This will help in prevention of crime and build a safer and positive social atmosphere for women.The project will support the laudable police effort to strengthen the justice delivery system in respect to cases of violence against women.The support will cover the salary of a social worker and counsellor,awareness building and studies on violence against women.





The social work has been working from Jan 2005 been taken from the Police Commissioner to attach a social worker in the police cell.The ''we group’ has been formed with Janarth as an equal partner. The other members include lawyers, doctors, NGO representatives, lecturers, professors and individuals interested in the issue. 3 committees (Awareness building, Studies and Action) have been formed to take the work forward. In 2005, Dakhal made an initial impact in the city as we responded to individual violence cases against women and girls.The 2 major cases were involving minor girls in institutions for the destitute who were sexally molested by Institutional staff.In the counseling and guidance center, 48 women came for help and support. We also conducted meeting in the colleges to impress upon them to intervene and take a stand in cases relating to their colleges. The Dakhal was inaugurated on 8th March. The function was attended by over 400 women.A women’s rally was organized by the Special Cell for women in the Police Office. Dakhal also participated in WIMA (Association of women Entreprenuers in Aurangabad) exhibition with a stall for 10 days exhibiting posters on laws relating to women and violence against women. A workshop on counseling techniques and skills was organized . 25 participants attended.Every month a lecture was organized by an eminent person on subjects related to women (8 was done so far). 1 study has been undertaken by 2 of our members – both university lecturers. In 2006, 2 cases of harassment of 2 women in public places appeared in the local papers in close succession. In both, the papers had given the details of the incident with names of the girls involved and their photographs in contravention of the newspaper guidelines. Dakhal picked this up and wrote to all the papers and meeting with the editors of the 2 prominent papers. No paper has since given names and photos.Dakhal received an anonymous letter from a group of students about an eve teaser who stood outside their college and whom it was difficult to control as he had ‘connections’. Dakhal handled this issue with the Police Commissioner and within a week the police arrested him and slammed an IPC of good behavior. A University student was stabbed by her so called boy friend within the campus. A police case was registered. Dakhal intervened and finally the police dealt with it as they do normally – as a personal matter between 2 people and did nothing.Dakhal held a Workshop on "The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act" in September along with the Commissioner’s office for all Dakhal members, Police Inspectors and Mahila Committee members attached to police stations.A Dakhal member attended a meeting at Ambejogai of organizations doing family counseling.A Dakhal member presented a paper in a State level Seminar on Women in Higher Education.2 talks were organized on Women as depicted in media and Delays in Justice and its Effect on Women victims. The meetings in slums continued through the year. In the year 36 formal meetings were held in slums for awareness building.As a result 59 cases of marital discord came to our center for support in the year. Of these 51 were of domestic violence, 5 were related to property matters, 2 were regarding sexual harassment and 1 came just for advice. Our counselors were able to reach a settlement in 24 cases and continue working with 12. The remaining 23 dropped out after just one to 2 visits.The World Women’s Day – 8th of March was in March 2006 and 2007. Dakhal co-organized with a prominent local paper for a felicitation programme and interviews of women achiever’s in unconventional fields(Akash Peltana) –pilot, train driver, founder of a CP school and a village woman entrepreneur.Dakhal has conducted 2 studies covering 1000 young girls. One was on domestic violence – the extent and the second was on young girls perception of themselves. They are in the process of the detailed analysis and report writing.A trained counselor has joined our team as we plan to discuss with colleges the possibility of Dakhal setting up counseling centers in their college. We have already begun in one college and the State Home for Women.





The goals of Dakhal are to support and help women facing violence to get justice within the system.The social worker who will be attached to the Women’s cell in the Commissioner’s office will help faciliate this process by a) helping in the cases that come to the cell, b) follow up on resolved cases to ensure that the problem does not recur and c) organize meetings in the poorer communities to inform them of the cell, the laws protecting women and giving them the confidence of approaching the cell for help when needed.Besides holding meetings herself she will also organize meetings addressed by women activists. To enhance our understanding of laws, of existing attitudes towards women and of women to themselves to better reach out to women in distress and to prevent such situations. A ‘we group’ of people sensitive to women’s issues and wanting to work on them will be formed. This will take a lead in:awareness building, taking action on issues and taking up studies to enhance understanding. The activities of the group will include to arrange lectures, workshops and trainings to enhance understanding of problems faced by women as women. These will be organized in colleges, slums and some open to all. A counseling center will run on a daily basis for women who are reluctant to approach the police cell. The center will also form a group of women in distress who will met once a month and share their experiences and lend strength to each other to rebuild their lives. Attached to the center will be an action group which will support a woman when the system does not respond in ordinary course.



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